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Keiran. Female. Leo (Aries Rising). Wood Tiger. Texan. Fanatic. Dreamer. Restless. Shy. Half-British. Part Scottish/Irish/French. TFL Trouble Checker.

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Registered via Dotster, hosted at DreamHost.

The domain name was sparked by a conversation with my best friend. I loved the phrase "ironic timing" enough that I ran out to register the domain the next day.

Her: I know, and I realised that afterwards. It was just... ironic timing?
Me: I have a bad habit of ironic timing. I think that sums up my life.
Her: we all have ironic timing sometimes.
Me: I always have it, I think.


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Portion of a painting done for me by my best friend, Emily. Used with her permission. Original painting based on photographs she took at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls.

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