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Steadfast Devotion

I finally finished the new layout for the Loyalty fanlisting. I’m still tweaking it in places, but overall I’m satisifed with it. I did use some of the original coding, since I liked the base layout, but I went in and attempted to make it my own. I’m still debating moving it to the other domain I host a few fl’s on ( since I think it fits with the domain name, but I’m not positive.

I’ve also applied for another listing, and have one or two more I’m debating applying for. School’s going well enough that I think I have the time to start building new ones again. But I’m going slowly, I don’t want to get too many going and then have school suddenly demand all my time and leave me unable to get the listings up.


I have just adopted the Loyalty fanlinsting from Renata. I’m still on vacation at the moment, so I have to wait until I’m back home before I can create a new layout. I have to say that I’m very happy Renata let me adopt it — loyalty is one of the qualities I most strongly value in people.

Checking in

It’s been a while since I’ve made an update, so I thought I should take a few minutes to do so. Life has been incredibly insane the last few months, between looking for work and getting enrolled in school. I started classes yesterday, studying accounting which should help me out in the job hunt. Things in my life are finally starting to calm down enough that I’ve begun working on redoing some of the layouts that are way overdue in being updated.