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Today I opened the listing for Hugh Dillon! Yay!!! This is for Hugh as an actor – I already own the listing for one of his musical pursuits (HDRC). I wanted to get it up and running quickly, so there’s only a few codes at the moment. As soon as I finish this update, though, I’m back to work on making more for the listing.

I got approved for the listing for the commercials. That listing should be up within the next week or two.

I also created a To-Do list for myself on the site. I wanted to keep track of the updates I need to do on the site in one place. I’m hoping it’ll help keep me focused on what needs to be done.

At the moment, school is starting to get a little bit tougher. I still have a 4.0GPA, but it’s going to take more of my time and focus now to keep that 4.0. I have ideas for another listing or two to apply for, but I’m glad I’m taking my time on applying, since I wouldn’t be able to work on more than one or two listings at a time.