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Today I opened the listing for Hugh Dillon! Yay!!! This is for Hugh as an actor – I already own the listing for one of his musical pursuits (HDRC). I wanted to get it up and running quickly, so there’s only a few codes at the moment. As soon as I finish this update, though, I’m back to work on making more for the listing.

I got approved for the listing for the commercials. That listing should be up within the next week or two.

I also created a To-Do list for myself on the site. I wanted to keep track of the updates I need to do on the site in one place. I’m hoping it’ll help keep me focused on what needs to be done.

At the moment, school is starting to get a little bit tougher. I still have a 4.0GPA, but it’s going to take more of my time and focus now to keep that 4.0. I have ideas for another listing or two to apply for, but I’m glad I’m taking my time on applying, since I wouldn’t be able to work on more than one or two listings at a time.

State of the Union

I’ve been a little slow in getting the two listings up that I’m currently working on. Unfortunately, life has kept me beyond busy lately, and my time to work on these (or any) fanlistings has been a little scarce. I’m planning on sitting down this weekend and putting in as much time as it takes to get them both launched.

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it here, but the company I work for is going out of business. This was announced a few months ago, and I’m still here, helping to close the company down. I’ll likely be in one of the last groups to be released from duty, since I deal in the finance/treasury end of things. We think that our final day here will be on March 28, but things could take longer (or quicker) to wind up, so there’s no definite date yet.

What does this mean in regards to my fanlistings? It just means I’ve been extra busy with work (and with trying to get into a vocational rehabiliation program), and so my “free time” to work on listings has been limited. In addition to the two that I need to finish, I have several that are sorely in need of new layouts, that I’ve sadly had to postpone. When I’m finally released from my position here — I might have a little extra time to work on the revamps. Then again, I might be too busy with rehab & looking for a new job that I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like on them. But, once I get a new job, and settle into a new schedule, things should even back out for me again, and I’ll be able to put my full focus on my fanlistings. Wish me luck in the job hunt!

Edit: March 08, 2008 – Both fanlistings are completed and open!

A Bit of…

I got approved last week for the listing for the real life Relationship for Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie. I resisted applying for that one for about a year – surprised that there wasn’t one already. After a year, it was time for me to cave and apply myself. The goal is to get that up and running this weekend. Most of it is done already, I just need to work on codes and graphics, as well as finish the “About” section I’ve been working on.

In between finishing that listing this weekend, I figure it’s time to do a link check for the site. So I hope to spend a bit of time going through all my joined listings to find dead or moved links. Also time to take a peak at the members lists on my owned listings, to make sure the links are still good there too. Busy busy weekend for me!

Random thoughts: I also finally added a KIM list to the site, but it’s still under construction in improving the look of it. I am desperately trying to resist applying for another listing but we’ll see how long I last there. I think once I get the Fry & Laurie fl up and running, it’ll be time to go on an affiliate drive for all my listings.